We have created PressPDF with over 30 years of printing experience. In the past 100 years many things have changed, but despite digitalization making printing products did not get much simpler.
We noticed that existing dedicated PDF software are overly complicated and without proper knowledge and practice, very inconvenient to use. PressPDF solves this problem by removing the unnecessary features and focusing on user experience.
You don't need vast knowledge of printing house terms anymore. Our goal is to prepare a simplified printing software for you that can be used with ease.
The small and enthusiastic team of PressPDF is located in Central Europe. We are committed to perfecting and improving PDF solutions. Our team loves programming and developing tools which can help people around the world.
Under a few years we managed to create the PressPDF tools and we hope people will take a liking to them. We strive to introduce new solutions. All feedback is welcome!

Company: Micropress Kft.
Address: Mályi, Kistokaji út 5. 3434 Hungary
EU tax number: HU10249213
Phone: Please send me an email! Thanks.
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