Create bleeds, crop marks, cut sizes for size-correct PDFs.

Preparing PDF crop mark, crop size, bleed.
When to use it?
If the original size of Pf is identical to the size of the final product. Example: if the initial size of PDF is 200x100 mm, then the size of the printed product will be 200x100 mm too.
What part of PDF is affected by it?
The color space of PDF does not change, only the dimensions change. It will receive crop size and crop marks.
What to watch for?
Important elements should not get on the cropped size or outside the cropped size while preparing the PDF bleed.
How to use it?
ready size
Crop size preview without PDF bleed, with crop marks
The type of PDF bleed shall be selected:
A 3 mm bleed is recommended for PDF. If there is not enough space at the edges, a 2 mm PDF bleed can be used.
- PDF with no bleed, having white fame: selection from 0, 5 , 8, 10 mm is possible.
2 mm PDF bleed
3 mm PDF bleed
0 mm PDF bleed
5 mm PDF bleed
8 mm PDF bleed
10 mm PDF bleed