Bleed, cut marks, cut size creation in case of incorrectly sized PDF.

Preparing PDF bleed, crop mark, crop size.
When to use it?
If the original PDF has bleed, but there is no crop mark or crop size. For example when the PDF size is 206x106 mm, and the final size will be 200 x 100 mm.
What part of PDF is affected by it?
The color space of PDF does not change, only the dimensions change. It will receive final size, PDF bleed and crop mark.
What to watch for?
Important elements should not get on the cropped size or outside the cropped size while preparing the PDF bleed
How to use it?
Setting the selected area to the middle.
Sets the selected area to the middle
Adding crop size.
Gives crop size to PDF only according to selected area and size.
Adding crop size and crop mark
It gives crop size and crop marks to the PDF according to the selected areas and size.